About Us

Welcome to World of Pinatas, thanks for visiting our store. We are a family owned online store that hand makes our piñatas. Our piñatas came about when we couldn't find anything that we liked in the stores, we started doing research and finally came up with our current designs.

They are made out of chipboard and then reinforced with hot glue all around, to take the hit of the little ones. Our pinatas are fun for all ages they can be used as a pull string or a hit piñata, the small piñata holds 3 to 4 pounds of candy and small toys.

How to use your pinata

  1. Fill the piñata from the bottom by carefully removing the square from the opening. Fold the square a little to remove it.
  2. Remove the strings from the inside. Do not untie them.
  3. Fill the piñata with 3 – 4 pounds of candy and small toys for small piñatas.
  4. Put the strings back in if strings are NOT going to be used.
  5. Put the square back in and the weight from the candy will hold it in place.
  6. Give one string to each child and when they are ready they all pull them at the same time.

We carefully inspect all the piñatas before shipping and we use quality boxes to get them to their destinations safely. We also have personalized posters, cupcake toppers, and other party items. 

Remember, a party without a pinata is not a party!

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Our online store offers a wide range of piñatas to choose from. Browse through our diverse selection of Themes, available in all the bright colors your special occasion requires. Pick out themed piñatas, whether you’re throwing a themed party or just want something fun for the kids, we’ve got every type of party supply to take your event up a notch.